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            Welcome to The Mumbai Mile @ Pride of India
Welcome to the new era of Gourmet Indian cuisine.
As your host and Patron Chef, Mitch Bhima, I would like you to experience the entirety of Indian cuisine with the flair and modernization of certain dishes, keeping in mind and understanding the respectable manners of authentic spice preparation for the past 1000 years.
The Mumbai Mile menu is the development of fundamental Indian cuisine, created by our Pride of India team, to give you a once in a life time experience and a guarantee that you won’t find this elsewhere.
Your Hosts and A-team:
Kishore Bhima, the original host. Great homage goes to this man for creating Pride of India. With his watchful eye and attention to detail, he remains here as the string holding the restaurant family together.
Mitch Bhima, head chef and wine sommelier, will be creating gourmet fusion dishes paired with complimenting wines. His capability to innovate cuisines outshine his passion for engaging in conversation.
Chef Jaipal Singh, hailing from India, teamed up with Mitch to create modern gourmet Indian cuisine.
Poonam Bhima, focusing on the magic behind the scenes.
Nervin Mpofu, the longest standing team member of Pride of India. His contribution is fundamental to every aspect of the restaurant. With profound knowledge of Indian cuisine and experience, you will be well taken care of. In the humblest sense, he is a part of the furniture.
Masuku, head waitron in fine dining. This man is known to us as the Master-Mixologist. Watch closely for his monthly gourmet cocktail.
We are all looking forward to creating a bespoke, unforgettable experience for you!
We accept all Major Credit Cards
All the above dishes can be tailored as per request.
Please note: Sharing charges will be R45.00 per person.
Preparation time is between 15 to 20 min depending on dish.
Only the purest ingredients are used in our cuisine (some dishes may contain nuts).
Our kitchen is halaal friendly. Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT.
A 12% service charge will be added on all split bills and to parties of 5 and more.
A 15% service charge will be added on parties of 20 and more. Please note that all rice and breads are to be ordered separately. Kindly inform us as to whether there are any special dietary requirements.
  These wines and their vintages are subject to availability. No corkage or bring your own allowed.
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