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            Cognac & Armagnac
Please note that all cognac and armagnac will be served in heated snifter glasses in a standard double cognac tot of 50ml
Bisquit Classique Cognac R45 Bisquit Vsop Cognac R70 Courvoiseur Vsop Cognac R75 Courvoiseur Xo Cognac R200 Hennesy Vsop Cognac R85 Hennesy Xo Cognac R200 Remy Martin Cognac Vsop R75 Remy Martin Cognac Xo Special R300
Brandy & Eau De Vie
1920 Carvalho Ribeiro & Ferreira Portuguese R35 Brandy
H C Collisons Gold Brandy R30 Klipdrift Brandy R20 Klipdrift Gold Brandy R30 Klipdrift Premium Brandy R38 Kwv 10 Year Old Brandy R30 Kwv 12 Year Old Brandy R35 Kwv 15 Year Old Brandy R65 Kwv 20 Year Old Brandy R135 Oudemeester 12 Year Old Brandy R50
 Richelieu 10 Year Old Brandy Van Ryn's 10 Year Old Brandy Van Ryn's 12 Year Old Brandy
Absolut Vodka Ciroc Vodka
Ciroc Mango Vodka Ciroc Apple Vodka Ciroc Pineapple Grey Goose Vodka
R30 R30 R35
R30 R40 R45 R45 R45 R45
 These wines and their vintages are subject to availability. No corkage or bring your own allowed.
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