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            Hand Crafted Signature Dishes Gosht Mirch Signature R175
Cubes of lamb browned with onions, black pepper corns and selected spices, finished with freshly crushed green pepper and a sprinkle of coriander.
Butter Chicken Vanilla R140
Tandoori spiced boneless chicken finished in a tomato reduction, flavoured with vanilla pods and saffron
Machli Mitch R190
Kingklip infused with a light onion base, Mitch’s special spices with slices of banana cooked into the curry
Signature Jhinga Jolpuri R195
Prawns (off the shell) marinated in tantalising exotic signature spices, simmered into a thick spicy sauce with tomato, onion and green peppers
Prawn Masala Signature R185
Juicy prawns sautéed in a tomato and pepper gravy combined with cinnamon
Crab Curry Signature R240
Crab cooked in the shell, in an exotic spicy North Indian style, flavours of tomato, cardamom and coconut
Murgh Leembo Signature R135
Chicken marinated with lemon and saffron, thereafter cooked with lemon infused olive oil. A wonderful one of a kind addition
Lamb Shank Signature R179
Whole tender lamb shank cooked in an aromatic masala gravy with potatoes, coriander and a touch of garam masala
Lamb Aarchari Masala Signature R160
Light onion reduction, flavours with a uniqueness of aachari masala spice, clove cumin and saffron, an addition of few mango pieces to combine with aarchari texture
Old Delhi style Butter Chicken R325 "On the bone, black lentils, pilau rice, garlic naan (for two) "
Whole rack of Lamb, R395
Saffron- Rogan josh sauce, black lentils, pickled root vegetables and hot garlic chutney(for two)
  These wines and their vintages are subject to availability. No corkage or bring your own allowed.
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